The Web Is For Everyone

New communications technologies offer marketers unprecedented opportunities to provide decision-making information to prospects and customers at the time they most need it -- when they are ready to buy. At Command Design & Graphics, our goal is to help businesses grow by understanding and applying these digital communications to their best advantage.

Many opportunities are available to businesses that embrace the possibilities offered by Internet communications. The Internet is a great equalizer that enables small companies to engage in business just like larger companies. Some companies will face real challenges if they ignore these trends too long.

The Internet can be efficient, effective and profitable when it is properly implemented. But where do you start? When do you have time to learn about all these new technologies and what they can do for your business?

At Command Design & Graphics, we specialize in network communications. We have assembled the resources necessary to design, develop and implement digital communications on the Internet, on a company's internal Intranet, and on portable presentation media, such as CD-ROM.

How Do You Approach an Opportunity as Big as the World Wide Web?

We work with companies like yours to develop a site marketing plan that promotes and integrates digital media with traditional print and broadcast media.

We gather information that is used to write copy, prepare creative designs, and structure the site. Everything is done in stages so you maintain control of the entire process.

Once we are at the implementation stage, artwork is created and images are digitized, pages are programmed and linked, and the site is thoroughly tested to insure compatibility.

We provide domain name registration and site server hosting, or we will work with your present Internet Service Provider to publish your new site.

We offer site promotion and on-going site management services to remove and add information as required to keep your site productive and fresh.

And, unlike some other companies, we are quite willing to install an in-house publishing capability and provide staff training so you have the option to manage your own site maintenance.

To read an excellent article about developing a web site, see "So You Want To Build A Web Site?" by Domenick J. Dellino, for the Microsoft Site Builder Network.

Talent and Resource Management

To provide these services, we didn't go out and hire a large staff, nor did we lease a big office. What we did was analyze a business need -- "getting on the net" -- and then we learned from industry experts how we can best satisfy this need. One of the biggest surprises about all this electronic communication is that it has ultimately very little to do with connecting computers and telephone lines, and everything to do with connecting people.

As new technologies change the way business is conducted, companies will focus on doing those things that they do best, and they will work with outside specialists to provide support to the company's core businesses. Believing in this prophecy of the future workplace, Command Design & Graphics has formed working relationships and networked communications with a number of key partners.

Through our strategic partnerships with Cyber World, the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign (UIUC), the Microsoft Site Builder Network (SBN), the HTML Writers Guild, the International Webmasters Association and a variety of talented creative resources, Command Design & Graphics can readily assembly a team of professionals to effectively meet every business networking need. 



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