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Midtown Business Tycoons
Embrace Web Marketing

"You don’t have to be a leprechaun to discover the magic of the web," exclaimed Midtown’s most famous citizen Peter Parker. "What started out as just another school science project is now one of the world’s greatest marketing tools."

This lucky charm will bestow upon any business the opportunity to sell goods and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Best of all, a web site doesn’t call in sick and it doesn’t take a vacation.

Unmask the secret of how little it costs to have a presence on the web.

"Command Design will put your business on the web for only $490.00," exclaimed Parker. "With their Growing Business Site Special, you’ll get a homepage plus five additional pages of information about your company. Imagine—site design, configuration, and hosting for a full year—all for only $490.00."

"You supply the information… they’ll do the rest!"

Put the power of the web to work for you with Command Design & Graphics.


Are you old enough to remember the original Spider-Man television show from back in the '60s? To help jog your memory, visit our '60s Theme Audio web page and listen once again. (If you are listening to  the Spidey Midi tune, you may want to close that window first.)

For a different kind of experience, see if you can solve our nine-square Spidey Puzzle 1, or for something different, try our Spidey Puzzle 2, a cross-word trivia challenge.

Then, when you've had about as much fun as you can stand, take a few minutes to learn the difference between a "web-shooter" and a "web-designer".

Growing Business Site Special

Only $490.00 for the 1st year!

Subdomain ( web site with custom CD&G small business page plan (homepage plus five standard pages, such as -- Products, Services, News, Company Information, How To Contact You, Your Location, Biography, Resume, etc.).

Visit one of our Growing Buisiness sites.

Customer supplies text, logo artwork and up to six (6) photographs. CD&G scans artwork and photographs, creates custom layout and internal link graphics, formats text and HTML.

Setup Charges, Site Design, and HTML $250.00 (50% down, balance upon completion)
Subdomain Web Site Hosting $20.00/month
Total Setup and 12 Monthly Payments $490.00 First Year Total

Standard billing to Mastercard or Visa. Other payment methods may be available upon approved credit. Changes and updates to site text or graphics provided at $35.00/hour rate, 1/2 hour minimum. E-mail and dialup Internet access services are available at standard rates.


Also available,

CD&G Corporate Enterprise Site Package

Virtual domain ( with custom CD&G business web site design. Includes Homepage, Main or Welcome Page, up to four (4) second level Department Pages, up to twenty-four (24) third level Product/Service Pages, up to five (5) Special Feature and Interactive Pages, for a total of up to thirty-five (35) pages with custom navigation position links and graphics.

Visit one of our Corporate Entrepreneur sites.

Customer supplies text, logo artwork and up to thirty (30) photographs and/or illustrations. CD&G scans artwork, photographs and/or illustrations, creates custom layout, navigation position links and graphics, formats text and programs HTML. Includes Table of Contents, Mail To Links, Site Map, Outbound Links, Interactive Site Search Form and Guestbook.

Setup Charges, Site Design, and HTML
Includes Domain Name Registration and Domain/E-mail Setup Charges.
$3,600.00 (50% down, balance upon completion) Customer pays InterNIC Domain Fee of $100.00 for 2 years directly to InterNIC.
Basic Domain Site Hosting with One (1) PPP DialUp (Local 314 area code) Access Account and Five (5) SMTP E-mail Accounts, plus Basic Managed Site Services. $100.00/month
Total Setup and 12 Monthly Payments $4,800.00 First Year Total

Standard billing to Mastercard or Visa. Other payment methods may be available upon approved credit. Additional changes, updates and custom services available at standard professional rates.

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