What is GEO?
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GEO shatters the conventional -- with the world's first (and only!) multimedia authoring technology designed specifically for the Internet. GEO empowers Internet authors to enrich their offerings, with streaming multimedia content, including audio, animation, video, interactivity and more. But unlike conventional technology, GEO delivers the magic of Internet multimedia with:

NO viewer intervention (such as plug-ins or restarts)
NO server software, and
NO platform compatibility worries.

The Technology Secrets Behind GEO

The extraordinary performance of GEO is made possible by three revolutionary technologies developed by GEO's programming team.
High-ratio compression. To help make continuous Internet multimedia streaming possible, GEO researched and developed a means to compress multimedia files at ratios greater than 200-to-1. As a result, a 200K file can shrink to 1K or less, and that puts data streaming in the fast lane.

Conventional multimedia playback technology requires that the complete file must be downloaded to the user's computer before it can run. That means if you have a very large file, you could have a very long wait.

Conventional Multimedia Playback

stream_user_waiting.gif (2417 bytes)stream_nonstream.gif (3416 bytes)stream_server.gif (2237 bytes)

GEO Streaming Player

stream_bird.gif (4380 bytes)stream_streaming.gif (1463 bytes)stream_server.gif (2237 bytes)

By contrast, GEO technology allows a file to begin playing while it is being streamed. The bottom line: GEO eliminates the wait and visitor bailout caused by tedious downloads.

GEO play-as-you-stream technology makes your message
available right now to just about everyone -- Joyce Callanan

A Java applet "player." When a website visitor clicks on content created with GEO, a tiny Java applet is instantly and invisibly downloaded. This applet immediately decodes, decompresses, and begins playing the incoming file. To the visitor, the entire process is transparent, and it eliminates special server software and plug-ins. This is the way that Internet tools should work.

The Great Compatibility Non-Issue

GEO technology works on any popular browser (Microsoft IE 3.0+ or Netscape Navigator 3.0+) on Windows and MAC. And GEO tools are compatible with all the tools used by Web professionals. GEO allows importing of all popular graphics, audio, and video media file formats. In short, it's compatible with what you have.

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