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Understanding the client's needs and meeting them with speed, accuracy and good design, is the primary goal at Command Design.

Design is the first thing that people notice. It establishes the first impression about the organization it represents, and it greatly influences how people act or react to the message.

Good design is not just a matter of personal taste; poor design lacks both functionality and aesthetic value. We may all have preferences for what we find visually appealing, but good design quickly distinguishes itself through character, originality and integrity.

Anyone with the right computer software and an assortment of clipart can throw together a web page for the Internet or a company's intranet. (Look at the marvelous overheads Ralph in Accounting put together for your last sales meeting -- Ugh!)  For those who can't afford to hire a design professional there are loads of resources available on the web. Rather than debate the value of good design, we would rather point out these resources to the "do-it-yourselfers" crowd and let you go it alone.

One word of caution: Just because I can pick up a scalpel does not make me a surgeon! If they gave an award for ugly web sites there would be no shortage of qualified entries.

However, since the web is available to everyone, and we all have to live with what is displayed there, here are a few design tips that should apply to all web sites.

Organize your thoughts before you start.

Provide visual clues to help navigate your site.

Use helpful headlines and subheads.

Use color sparingly and thoughtfully.

Offer something unique at your site.

Design for your audience, not your ego.

Apple Macintosh

The majority of our graphic design work is produced on the Power Macintosh platform utilizing Macromedia's Graphic Design Studio, which includes Freehand, MacroModel, Fontographer, Fractal Design Painter, and Extreme 3D, and Adobe Illustrator. Desktop publishing and prepress materials are assembled in QuarkXpress for Power Macintosh. Images are scanned on a UMAX Astra 1200S flatbed scanner and enhanced with Adobe Photoshop. Adobe PageMill and Acrobat are used for web authoring on the Macintosh platform.


Output is also available for the IBM-compatible platform utilizing Corel Draw, PageMaker, MS Publisher, and Adobe Acrobat personal document format (.pdf). Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) documents for the Web are prepared utilizing FrontPage and Expression Web.

Network Services

Our focus is to create graphic designs for both the Internet and corporate intranets. We believe there is a growing need for graphic design professionals who understand how to design for these new electronic channels of communication.

Would you like to view samples of our illustration techniques in our gallery? Or, perhaps you would rather view additional information about our Digitizing Services, Promotion Services, Training Services.

Thanks for visiting our web site. Please come back soon and see what we've added.

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