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Command Design Digitizing Service

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Converting graphic images, sound and video media to digital instruction code for today's global electronic communications.

Creating content for electronic media can be a rewarding and often frustrating experience. The technology is incredible -- when it all works -- which it does -- most of the time. Remember, the Internet is not controlled or maintained by any one organization that is responsible to ensure that it all works. By its nature, the Internet is a cooperative communications effort that depends on computer hardware, software and telecommunications equipment scattered all across the world.

Digital communication is exacting because it is extremely precise. Text and images can be controlled and displayed in an endless variety of ways -- mostly in the ways you intended. Hyper Text Markup Language, or html, is a protocol that is constantly evolving to adapt to new methods of displaying text and graphics, and more recently, streaming audio and video.

One of the challenges in building a web site, and there are many, is coding pages so they are properly displayed in a popular web browsers. Our sites are best viewed with Microsoft's Internet Explorer because we develop our final html code with Microsoft products, such as FrontPage98. But we do not rest on the fact that our pages look great in Explorer, because that would limit the appeal and function of our customer's web sites.

According to industry estimates, Internet Explorer has about a 40% share and Netscape has nearly a 50% share of the independent browser market. Those figures do not include proprietary browsers like those built-in to American On Line, CompuServe and Prodigy. AOL alone has more than 14 million subscribers, and many of them use AOL's built-in browser. One of the early web browsers was packaged with Internet-In-A-Box, or I-Box, and is still widely used.

At Command Design, we provide our web customers with site testing with all popular browsers to ensure wide support for their pages. When we cannot find a widely supported common solution for a particular function or feature, we build alternate browser paths.

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We use and recommend these Microsoft products.

Slide Show and A-V Demonstrations

Got a minute? Would you like to see an interactive web slide show demonstration?
How about some streaming audio and video? See  samples on our A-V Demo page.

In-House Publishing

We provide installation, configuration and training services for in-house PC publishing workstations with Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Acrobat. We also provide web site hosting services and dial-up PPP Internet accounts.

Our support services are flexible to the needs of our customers. We offer monthly site management services ranging from complete in-house (at our customer's location) support to full off-site maintenance and updating services. 

Digital Copyright Protection

We offer a special service to our customers that own the rights to photographic or illustrated images used in electronic communications. Each image is marked with a hidden code that can used to identify copyrighted materials. Once marked, we are then able to search and track the usage of these images across the Internet.

At the basic service level, our digital watermark (ID #110039) is encrypted into customer images for purposes of identification and copyright protection. We charge a small fee to cover the additional time it takes to mark each image that is to be identified for protection.

In certain situations, the customer may wish to have their own identification code. As an authorized reseller of digital image identification products, we can offer customers their own unique digital code that we can embed for them when we convert their images for electronic communications. We charge the same small fee for this service in addition to the cost of registering a digital watermark.

This digital identification system will alert other graphics professionals to the existence of the copyright. Reputable professionals understand the importance of copyright protection and will avoid infringing upon the rights of others. We can also provide a monthly tracking report service that shows where these images are being displayed on the public Internet. The technology for these codes will soon include a feature that alerts anyone trying to copy these images that they are copyrighted. Contact your Command Design account representative about this service.

For more information, see our Promotion Services page. Or maybe you would like to view information about our Creative Services, Marketing Services or Web Site Hosting Services.

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