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Command Design Hosting Service

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Get on the net with Command Design & Graphics Internet hosting services -- web, e-mail, and ftp

Stake your claim to a valuable piece of the information super highway with hosting services provided by Command Design & Graphics. We offer a complete line of managed services to connect businesses to the Internet. We offer hosting for web sites that we create, for sites that we help create or update, and for sites created by others.

We also offer discrete support services, both hosting and web page design, for customers, such as advertising agencies, who prefer that we remain completely anonymous. We are prepared to sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements to meet the special needs of these customers.

In addition to web site hosting, we offer industry standard POP3, SMTP electronic mail services, and private, password-protected file transfer protocol (ftp) service directories.

Internet Hosting Services

1.) Web Site Hosting -- We put your web pages on our web server. This is how more than 95 percent of all web pages are published because it is the most cost-efficient option for all but the largest corporations.

2.) Internet Access -- We provide you and/or everyone in your office, with a connection to the Internet. This lets you access your web site and everyone else's web site, and provides a connection for you to exchange e-mail and use other Internet services.

For customers who do not have access to high-speed cable or satellite Internet access, we offer both ISDN service (via a special digital phone line obtained through your local phone company that allows transmission at a rate of up to 128.0 KBPS) and standard modem service (via a plain old analog telephone line, also obtained through your local phone company, that allows transmission at a rate of up to 56 KBPS). These services can be dedicated or dialup depending upon a customer's needs.

With a dedicated connection, we can also arrange installation and configuration of a system that allows you to host your web site in-house at your office. This is not the ideal way to host a web site because of the cost of high speed lines and equipment, but we have customers, who for security reasons, want total control of their server.

We also offer managed remote dialup accounts that allow customers to dial a local phone number from hundreds of cities around the United States and in many part of the world.  We frequently provide this type of service for our customer's sales personnel who are on the road more than they are in the main office. This allows them to access sales presentation materials and price lists, and download their e-mail and facsimile transmissions while they are away from the office. This type of account also allows employees to access Internet and office resources from their homes. For our 56K Flex users, see instructions for new access numbers.

Equipment and Telecommunications Specifications

The equipment and telecommunications connections for our Internet hosting services are provided by our technology partners at Cyber World, a complete Internet Business Solution provider. Cyber World provides two separate Internet servers in two different physical locations dedicated to providing web, ftp and e-mail services.

ANIMATED BACKOFFICE.GIF (14687 bytes) Our Internet hosting services feature Microsoft BackOffice products including Windows NT Server and Internet Information Server

CreatedFP98.GIF (9866 bytes)

Our web sites are compatible with Microsoft FrontPage
and other popular html editing products

The Primary and Secondary Servers are both 400+mips/233MHz CPUs designed as a 64-bit architecture, super-pipeline and capable of issuing two instructions per clock cycle. The Primary Server currently has 192GB of main memory, and 321-GBytes of RAID Storage. The Secondary Server has 164GB main memory and 100-GBytes of disk.

Both servers are connected directly to the Internet with a 45-MBPS T-3 primary and a secondary 1.5-MBPS T-1 (backup). The Network Operations Center is manned and available 24 hours per day to provide the highest level of service to customers.  The system is fast, reliable, available and accessible, 24 hours per day.

For our customers, all this technical stuff means that you cannot find a faster or more reliable commercial Internet connection than the one we provide at Command Design & Graphics. In addition to redundant hard drives on the web servers, a copy of our managed web sites is also kept on the hard drive of a site designer's workstation and another one is kept on a backup Zip drive. This allows us to quickly update or restore any information as needed (like when one of our customers accidentally deleted a directory as they were making changes to one of their web pages... hey, it happens!).

For more information, see our Training Services, or visit our Marketing Services, Writing Services, and Creative Services pages.

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