St. Patrick's Day
Galelic proverb: N'il aon teintéan mar do theintéan fein. [Translation]

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Shawn O'Callanan
A Virtual Tour Of Ireland
Want to visit Ireland? Well now you can! This website offers a huge list of travel information. Visit Ireland as a virtual tourist view the sites and counties. View the sites and get a taste of Ireland as you travel each county (no guide required) on your virtual tour of Ireland.

Ryan's Wee Page o'Fun
This awsomely fun site contains everything from games to a kid that claims he's a real leprechaun.  This high-tech, 6,723 year old leprechaun is named Ryan, claims he's traveled the web far and wide to find a comfortable resting hole. "If you wants to be leaving alive, I suggest pressing that back button now, otherwise, fear the wrath of the leprechaun..."

Irish Castles On The Web
Pictures of castles from photographs. The author has visited each of these castles and found the history and architecture very interesting. Many of the castles are in ruin, some are now resorts, and one is a bed and breakfast. When you click on a castle icon, it will take you to a page with more pictures and a short history of each castle. I hope you enjoy yourself and learn some history.

Suzanne's Irish Links
A Resource and Information Guide to Ireland. Drive through Donegal, read an Original Story. Visit Cavan,  County of Contrasts, or take a Beara Journey to Quaint Villages and  Gorgeous Scenery for a Taste of Erin with Recipes You'll Love! There are Online Museums of Kilmainham Gaol, Far from Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore, Irish Famine Series, a Taste of Ulster, The Stately Shannon, Ireland's Magnificent Waterway. Planning an Irish Holiday, Waterford, Ireland's Unconquered City, and lots more.

Tom's Irish And Celtic Page
General Information, History, Folklore, Picutres, Genealogy, Information for Irish immigrants, Businesses, Irish Pubs and Other Fun Things.

Janet's St. Patrick's Day Page
An Irish Jig, Leperchauns Recipes, Irish Recipes and Irish Coffee.

St. Patrick's Day
'Tis a wonderful time for puttin' an Irish smile to someone's face! Send 'em a musical, animated electronic greetin' card from Blue Mountain Arts. Sure 'n they are free! No shenanigans!

Paddy the Leprechaun has misplaced his pot o' gold. Can you help him find it? He lost it while visiting the other holiday worlds, but he doesn't remember which holiday. You can help him by going to the Holiday Menu Page and then visiting each of the holidays until you find a clue. The clue is a picture icon that should remind you of where the pot-o-gold can be found. When you find the clue, click it. Good luck!

Billy Bear's St. Patrick's Day Site
Color Book Pages for you to Print and Color, St. Patrick's Day Clipart, Play the POT O GOLD Money Math Game!, St. Patrick's Day Screen Savers, Links O' Luck...

Irish History On The Web
General Irish History, Suggested Reading, Genealogy, Irish Studies, Timelines, Documents, Republican History, Unionist History, 'Famine' History, Northern Ireland, Other History Resources, and an another Irish Internet Hub.


Proverb Translation:
There is no fireside like your own fireside.
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