Valentine Greetings

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Here is a list of our Top Ten Valentine Web Sites. We hope you enjoy visiting these sites for Valentine's Day.

Heart Beat

Hallmark is the place to find exciting and new ways to use gift wrap to express your love this Valentine's Day. Here you will find several quick and easy projects to add fun to this special day. Activities include: "Ants in Your Pants," "Heart Bear Package of Love," "Valentine's Day Treat Sack"  and "Classroom Treat Wraps."

Everything you need to know about the love, the candlelit meals, and the flowers for this romantic holiday. Be My Valentine. Send an online Valentine to your sweetheart. Romantic Gestures. Creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. Poetic Expressions. Classic romantic prose. Flowers and Their Meanings. What it means to give a rose. The Language of Love. Say I love you in different languages. Connections to more Valentine related sites.

Sugarplums celebrates all that is romantic and links two of the most sensual elements, food and love.  As a noted Southern California psychiatrist observed, "There are three basic needs in life: money, food and sex.  And combining the last two can be lots of fun!" In that spirit, Sugarplums offers you a feast of love to satisfy your most passionate appetite. May each of your days spent with your lover be romantic ones - there's simply no excuse for waiting until next Valentine's Day.

Why not send a gift ordered through MarketNet? Here are a few ideas, and you can order them all on-line now!
FlowerNet - On-Line Florist; FruitNet - A Fruity Basket filled with Passion Fruits; ChocNet - Confectionery; TuckBox - Scrumptious goodies for your loved one! Renaissance - Valentine's Original Gifts : Giant kiss, Love Plate... PerfumeNet - With L'Artisan Parfumeur. BearNet - Say "I love you" with a Valentine Teddy-bear; GourmetNet - Lovely food for romantic time. InnerScents - Ladies: - get your man with an InnerScents T-shirt! BottleNet - The ideal gift : A Personalized bottle of Champagne; PenNet - A prestigious selection of pens. PrezzieNet - Beautiful gift ideas for her and for him. Remember When - A present from the past. WineNet - Wine, whiskey,port and champagne.

Have fun selecting, personalizing, and sending musical electronic Valentine greeting cards.

This site contains some of the greatest love stories of the century from Elvis and Priscilla to Popeye and Olive Oyl.

This site features many great valentine activities such as; Bake Hearty Stained Glass Cookies; Make Valentine's Pretzels; Design T-Shirts w/ Loving Messages, Make Valentine's Puzzles; Make Bottles of Valentine's Bubbles; Make Valentine's Soap Balls and Bubble Bath; Make Decorated Valentine Picture Frames; Trace a Silhouette; Make a Lovely Purse; Give your Valentine a Kiss; Host a Valentine's Day Tea; Express Some Baby Love.

This site contains over 100 of the greatest love poems and lyrics ever composed from the Beatles to Shakespeare.

You can play games, color pictures, and much more fun on this great Billy Bear Valentine web site. Animated PC Valentine cards, printable cards, puzzles, projects, stationary, wallpaper, and much more!

This site features everything you need to know about the love, the candlelit meals, and the flowers of this romantic holiday. Favorite Things; When Your Child's In Love; Romantic Getaways; Be Mine? Free Musical Animated Valentines; Love It or Leave It; The Language of Flowers; How Well Do You Click? Aromatherapy for Lovers; Reborn From the Sea: Sailors' Valentines; Little Valentines; Ten Questions Wives Still Have About Love, Sex, and Marriage; Rose-Garden Gâteaux; Sparkling Wines to Spark Romance; Sweet Valentine!Valentine Supper for 2; A Lover's Guide to Aphrodisiacs; Chocolate With a Twist; Food for Love; A Heartfelt Valentine's Tea; Sweets From the Hearth; Dazzling Bouquets; The Romantic at Home; and The Language of Flowers.

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